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Great hair requires great care.

We are always working to provide the most environmentally aware & conscious products. 

The climate is changing, and so we must.



Most shampoos are damaging to your hair and toxic to the environment. We make cleansing and styling products that clean without harm, leaving you with beautiful, healthy hair — and a clean conscience.


"To do our best for the world, creating good life for all, through beauty, ethics, and sustainability."

choice selection Available at Wild Orange. We can order anything upon request. 


This isn’t just about making the best hair and shave products in the world;
this is about a new movement of positive, disruptive change.

All of our decisions are based around three things; defending the planet, supporting independent salons and barbershops, and making people look rad without poisoning them in the process.

It’s time to revolt against subservient style and environmentally and physiologically damaging cosmetic chemicals. 

Look good. Be good.  Join the Cult.

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