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PC Guard For Win32 V5.rar




# Variables Exec="$1" Source="$2" # Function ExtractExecutable() { if [ $# -eq 0 ] then printf "Extracting executable '%s'... " "$1" echo 0 >&4 exit 0 fi if [ -f "$1" ] if [ $# -eq 1 ] if [ -f "$1" ] then printf "Extracting executable '%s'... exit 0 else fi read -r -p "Input an Executable! " file if [[ $file =~.* ]] if [[ -f "$1" ]] if [! -d "$1" ] printf "ERROR: extracting '%s' to '%s' " "$1" "$EXEC" exit 1 cp "$1" "$EXEC" } # Main # Extracting executable ExtractExecutable "${Exec}" "${Source}" # Execute exec "$EXEC" To the Editor: Re “Trump Is ‘Open’ to a Second Term (and a Republican Majority in Congress, Too)” (op-ed, Oct. 26): Mr. Trump was born on the campaign trail, raised on Twitter, financed by the corporate world and the worst forces in American life. He is, fundamentally, a creature of billionaires who aspire to absolute power. His first act as president was to sign a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans and corporations, and to provide $1.7 billion to help build the border wall that Mexico has been clamoring for. It is not a coincidence that he is the only president since



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