Welcome to My Garden.

We are Growing Glamour, Beauty and Craft Cocktails.

The Secret Garden & the Crafty Herbalist

Beauty Recipes, Craft Cocktails and More...

 Here you will find gardening, glamour, gogo dance breaks and burleque brunch recipes. Along side my partner Sam, who is a craft mixologist by trade, we invite you into our garden. We've spent the past 4 years crafting and caring for this backyard garden. Creating a suburban oasis of plants and herbs used for cooking, cocktails and wellness. This year it is blooming more beautiful than ever, and we want to share it with you. 
 The recent time at home has allowed us to get even more creative in our work together in this “Glamour Garden”. Finding inspiration and creating garden inspired craft cocktails, infusions, bitters, scalp treatments, cosmetics and more.
It’s amazing all you can learn from a garden. Cocktails, beauty, food and creativity bloom around you and come together creating total body wellness. We're excited to share this with you. Your support keeps our garden blooming and creativity flowing.

Rachel Does

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